Interesting Facts about a Golden Retriever

Interesting Facts about a Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are very popular dogs especially in America. The tolerant attitude and friendliness of them makes them incredible family pets. According to Holistapet’s Golden Retriever Dog Breed Information and Personality Traits, they are intelligent which makes them great working dogs too.

These dogs can retrieve games for hunters and also sniff out contraband. They are tremendous service dogs. They participate and excel in dog sports. They are natural athletes. They also fare well at competitive obedience and agility.

You can train these dogs very easily. They quickly become a part of a family. They play with kids and they protect humans too. A Golden Retriever is loving, loyal and smart to have as a companion.

Golden Retrievers breed facts and traits! 

Golden Retrievers are among the most distinguished dogs in America. They are loyal, beautiful, sociable, and intelligent. They are lively and mature slowly. They have a playful personality until they are at least 4 years old.

You must keep your dog physically and mentally active. Including him in your everyday activities can work wonders. It is great to work as a family with him. You get a Golden Retriever only if he can be with you everyday at home.

He should not be mistaken for a watchdog. He may bark at strangers. However, it is likely that he will also wag bbjs tail when he sees them. Give them work to fetch things or wake up people in the family.One thing to remember is that his best self is when he is tired!