How does Helakuru work?

How does Helakuru work?

Helakuru is an Android and iOS application that allows users to type in both the Sinhala and Tamil languages. It also provides a range of features, such as auto corrections and text prediction, to make typing in these languages easier. The app also provides a range of fonts and themes, allowing users to customise their experience. The app also includes a voice-to-text feature that allows users to type in their native language by speaking into their device. Therefore, download pixellab for pc.

Helakuru is a free-to-use digital assistant technology developed by Sri Lanka-based Dialog Axiata PLC. It is designed to help users access and manage their personal information, save time and money, get organized, and stay informed.

The Helakuru technology works by using voice recognition technology to understand the user’s spoken words and then providing the requested information back to the user. It is designed to understand natural language and respond to the user’s input accordingly.

Helakuru has a variety of features that enable users to access and manage their personal information quickly and easily. It can be used to set reminders, get weather forecasts, check the latest news, and find out information about local businesses and services. It also has a voice-based search engine that can help users find information on the internet.

The Helakuru technology also allows users to access and manage their personal accounts. Users can link their bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial services to their Helakuru account. This allows them to make payments, transfer money, and access their financial information directly from the Helakuru app.

In addition to its personal information management features, Helakuru also provides users with access to entertainment and educational content. It is integrated with several streaming services, including YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu, as well as providing access to educational content from the Khan Academy.

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