What Are The Benefits Of Skateboarding

Skateboarding is a sport that kids of all ages love and is evident from the number of kids in skate parks. But some think of it as an extreme sport due to the dangers it can pose due to jumping down the rails. Skateboarding can be fun and also has a lot of health benefits provided you have the needed benchwheel info and make sure you protect yourself from injury by taking proper safety measures. As per fitness experts at www.mensfitness.com, skateboarding is a great cardio workout and can burn calories.

Many people who do not skate board are skeptical about the benefits. Here are some advantages that will get you on that skate board you always thought was only for ones who like extreme sports

Overall Workout: To balance on a skateboard you have to keep moving your arms, feet and your legs and that too all at the same time. That movement works and tones the complete body giving a full workout. It also helps to burn calories and puts your body in good physical shape. Apart from burning calories, skateboarding can reduce obesity and other lifestyle related illnesses. They are also known to reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol and help you have a healthier heart.

Improves coordination: Like mentioned earlier, to be able to balance yourself on the skateboard, feet, legs, and arms should be well coordinated. That is a skill which is needed to play any sport not just skate boarding. If you can glide through your skateboard effortlessly, you are sure to enhance your climbing and other adventure sport skills due to this.

Improves stamina: Skateboarders skate on them for hours and find it fun as well as improves their physical endurance. This improved strength helps them excel in sports or activities where stamina is needed.

Teaches kids to accept pain: The reason parents don’t like kids skateboarding is that you are more likely to get bruised or scraped much more than any other sport. But with a little practice, kids do not fear hurt nor do they complain about pain. It is advisable to wear proper protective gear and take precautions to avoid serious injuries.
The other important thing that kids learn is about falls. With practice, they learn how not to fall or to fall without hurting themselves too much. That is because of the child’s reflexes and coordination which gets better with each fall.

Stress Buster: Skateboarding is a sport which needs complete focus and concentration. That is the reason why when skateboarding you will only concentrate on the act and forget about the burdens of life. Success in the completion of a trick can boost your confidence.
If you are among those who get bored easily, skateboarding can be fun as well as satisfying for you as there is no moment you can take your mind off.

Teaches patience: This sport teaches patience and perseverance as you cannot get a stunt right at the first attempt. It also teaches you how to take risks and face the consequences of the risks taken.

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