Tips That Guide Us Through Choosing The Right Cage For Rats


Right Cage For Rats

Choosing the right cage for your pet rats will ensure their well-being, good health, and perfect growth. A wrong housing can alter their mental behavior. According to a Chinese proverb, ‘’When men discuss the things which are to be, the rats laugh in the rafters.” Rats are not at all a menace and can be kept as pets that will love you back. They are playful and smart too. When looking for a rat cage on the internet will help us choose a cage of the best size and material. My first pick would be Rat Central, they have an amazon review of all the rate cages. For the best advice on pets and their caretaking, please visit the website

Rats can be kept in glass cages or metal ones. Some people doubt whether they can use aquariums for housing rats. We have both advantages and disadvantages of plastic, glass, and metal. Let us have a quick glance at the pros and cons of different caging materials.

Advantages of glass cages:
1) Some rats are quite mischievous, and people prefer glass aquariums as the rats cannot climb up the glass sides.
2) Looking at the rats and identifying problems, viewing through the glass is easier.
3) Spilled food and organic droppings can be identified and cleaned by viewing through the glass.
4) The bedding of the rats will not be disturbed and strewn away in the case of glass.
5) Glass cages can be cleaned quickly and easily without putting in much effort.
6) Bad odors can be eliminated by using cages made of glass.

Disadvantages of glass cages:
1) Glass enclosures cannot be dismantle.
2) Large glass aquariums are massive, and if the number of rats is less, it will be difficult to manage the heavyweight. Nowadays, we have wheels attached to the glass enclosures and stand on castors are available that serve our purpose well.
3) We should make sure that the rats are not chewing and swallowing the silicone coating on the glass.
4) Air circulation is low in glass enclosures
5) The temperature in the glass tanks is higher than the room temperature, and this causes heat strokes in rats.
6) Glass aquariums should be cleaned more often and are not suitable for giant rats.

Advantages of metal cages:
1) All sorts of sizes and designs are available.
2) We can add multiple levels, climbing ropes, hammocks, ladders, etc. to the metal cages.
3) There will be no temperature difference between the room and the cage.
4) Air circulation will be excellent, and rats will have god exercise.
5) View is also good, and we can play with the rats
6) Metal cages are easy to clean and can be dismantled too.

Disadvantages of metal cages:
1) They are more expensive.
2) If the cage is not deep enough, the bedding will be strewn on the carpet leading to an unnecessary mess.
3) Metal that is galvanized absorbs water and urine. So, with extensive use, the cages have to be replaced.
4) Due to the wires, the rats can hurt their feet. It causes bumblefoot, sprains, and swelling.
5) Galvanized metal contains Zinc that is poisonous to rats if they nibble at them.
6) Metal gets rusted if it is not PVC coated.

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