Thing You Must Know About A Play-Yard

Having a child comes with a tremendous responsibility. From the moment, the pregnancy test comes positive till your child is an adult we do our utmost to keep them safe, sound, and healthy. We read up on articles, journals, etc. published on sites like and to find out ways to make our child active and vigorous. One of the aspects of a healthy body is developed by playing in an open space. That is why parks and backyards were so important. But modern parents either don’t have space for a yard or time to take a child to a park.A fantastic alternative to this conundrum is a play yard. A play yard is a bigger version of playpen which was used in the earlier days. These yards can be collapsed and set up anywhere. They are larger than the traditional playpen and rectangular as compared to the square of a playpen. Each yard comes with extra toys for the amusement of the child. From mobiles to blinking lights to entertainment controls that play music or sounds on a push of a button, play yards are comprehensive play areas. Because they can be compacted and quickly set up, play yards are portable. They create safe areas for an infant or toddler to play or rest.

A play yard is just not an item parents can tow around while on the road for their children to play in. They are used as changing stations too. Many models come either with an attachment that can be put in a position to act as a changing table or an area to insert an external table. A good play yard may also come equipped with space to organize diapers and baby paraphernalia. For an even more secure environment while the baby rests some play yards come with a bassinet attached. These external attachments though can only be used till a particular age of the child. At a max, the play yard may lose its usefulness by the time the child is two years old.

Made of metal tubing, the frame of a play yard is baby safe. The frame has a mesh design to ensure proper ventilation and capability to keep an eye on the baby. Some play yards have a mesh structure on only three sides of the frame while some have it all around. The play yard is secured using a hinge and lock system that is present in the middle of the top rail. Setting and collapsing a play yard is simple. To set up pull the top rails till you hear the hinge lock and then push down to attach the frame to the mattress. To collapse the yard, pull the mattress floor and the top rails up. Press the lock button to unlatch the frame and let the structure collapse.

Keep in mind that a baby is safest in the crib while asleep. Also before using or handling a play yard read the manual thoroughly to know about it entirely.

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