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Tips To Drive Your Car In Snow And Ice

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Driving your car in snow and ice is not only tricky but also quite dangerous especially when the conditions are very severe. As suggested by some of the great car service advice, it is totally against the law to drive your car with snow on it. However, with good knowledge and skills, one can drive smartly and also ensure safety. To know more details on this interesting subject readers can also browseadvice www.nwherald.com/sponsored/articles/2018/02/06/96040678/index.xml and get benefitted.

More often driving in some of the cold countries can be hazardous when climatic conditions change abruptly. Undoubtedly, staying off the road is the best option available for the drivers. While getting caught in the middle of snow, use the following tips to get back home safely. The best and foremost option is of course when there is snow on the way it is better to leave your car behind until the conditions improve, but this can be easier said than done.

Snow Chains Help!
If your car is parked in a snow-covered area, then apply your snow socks or snow chains before you start your return journey. Always do not forget to take them off once the road becomes clear again. For general safety, keep your car lights on to improve visibility to other road users. According to the expert drivers, it is better to select the second gear when pulling away and slowly ease your foot off the clutch to prevent your wheels spinning. Using the lower gear is wise especially when the roads are inclined or downhill. Drive slowly to judge any big ice or snow block in front. It is always better to give plenty of space to stop, and as a normal thumb rule, you need to allow this braking distance more than three times than the normal.

Lower Your Gears
While driving down the hill use the lower gear as much as possible to avoid any skidding. When you feel the skidding, it is better to press down on the clutch and turn the steering wheel towards the direction of the skid. Once your car aligns up steer gently back along the course of the road. In case if you are stuck with heavy snow, align your wheel straight and apply the snow shovel to clear the snow that lies in front of your driving wheel. If it fails, use the snow socks. If you do not have the snow socks, use a sack near your tire to get the grip.

Be Extra Cautious
Driving in the snow and ice needs special skills, and one needs to be extra cautious in slowing down the car. This will surely enhance your chances of gaining better control of your vehicle. Use the Internet to know some of the valuable tips shared by the experienced drivers. Reading the blogs of car racers will be handy to learn how to control your car in such harsh weathers. Of course, one has to learn these skills only by using the techniques at the appropriate time when the weather shows such unfavorable conditions to drive.

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