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The significance of Seed Banks

marijuana seed bank

Complete disappearance of many plant species across the planet has become more and more probable. Floral genomes peculiar to a very few parts of the world have already become extinct. Seed banks are an effective storage method can be used to restore some of those species. Marijuana has proven to be a useful herb with many medicinal uses. You can use pot seed banks to preserve high-quality cannabis seeds. If you read reviews of top seed banks, then you will be able to make an informed and practical choice for seed preservation.

Seed banks for food security
Well-known seed banks have played a significant part in providing food security to people in many countries of the world. A substantial number of natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and droughts have hampered development and growth. Crops in the affected areas face complete demolition at the hands of such agents of nature. Once the situation becomes normal after the calamity has subsided, the crop seeds from seed banks get the green signal. The agricultural of the disaster-hit area can be returned to normal by the use of preserved material.

Yes, it takes a lot of effort to restore the situation to normalcy, but without agricultural seeds, it would be impossible to do so. People across the globe should be thankful for the work that scientists put to protect seeds of almost all agriculturally viable seeds.

Biodiversity and seed banks
Extinction of plant species threatens the existence of normal human and animal life. The disappearance of species can remove a link from the food chain and cause unrest all around. However, if scientists can preserve seeds of the lost species, then with some effort gradual restoration is possible. Hence, as citizens of the world, humans are forever indebted to these scientific inventions.

Problems are not specific to a country
Globalization has made things easy for all, but it has also caused several complications. It is essential to understand that loss of biodiversity or species extinction in one country can have a worldwide impact.

Coffee- the drink of the champions
Coffee plants can serve as an excellent example to prove this point. It is beyond doubt that people across the world drink coffee. It is the favorite beverage of the entire planet. At the same time, not every country has a climate for industrial production of coffee.

What if?
If a South American country which exports coffee to various nations falls prey to an earthquake, then the production of coffee will come to a halt. As a direct result of this event, the prices of coffee in the global market will go up substantially. Many nations will find it economically impossible to import coffee. The lives of millions of people from all parts of the world will be affected adversely.

Seed banks to the rescue
It is evident that in the example as mentioned above normalcy will not come back immediately. But with the help of seed banks and human determination, restoration of the plantation is possible gradually. So, the problems of such a large population will be short-lived and solvable.

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