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According to human anatomy and physiology, the human foot is designed and grown in such a way that it perfectly shares one’s whole body weight. During running or leaping, we put our bodyweight on our feet and use our full potential only when we have feet with correct neutral posture. But most of us are not endowed with such kind of ideal feet framework. Due to this imbalance, our step is affected drastically. This short article is all about the individuals who have under pronated feet, the condition which can be corrected by using the underpronator shoes. Readers and the concerned individuals can also browse to get more information about the effect of under pronation and its treatment.

When it comes to the movement of our feet, there are two types namely pronation and supination. While our feet strike the ground, we all need to have an inward movement to keep the body weight in balance, and this activity is called as pronation. Such a condition is needed to avoid any injury to our feet. In few cases, the feet come too much inwards resulting over-pronation. Otherwise, our feet never move inwards, and this condition is known as supination or underpronation which is common for people who have excellent archways. In fact, under pronation reduces the chances of success in a competition against the other runners who have neutral posture. Of course, this is not the end of the road for people who have under pronation as there are special footwears available to counter this effect. Also, the condition of under pronation may lead to severe pain in the feet due to the damages of some tissues in the feet.

Treatment for under pronation

One of the best ways to treat underpronation is by using a right pair of supportive shoes. Such special shoes offer great comfort and fit well for the individuals who have the effect under pronation. Some experts design these shoes as prescribed by the foot experts and factors like length, breadth, and thickness of these shoes have to be accurate and customized according to the condition of the foot. Besides this, the shoes offer ample support and cushioning which provide stability for the foot during walking or running. In general, surgery is not the option for under pronation since there is proven methods available for the correction.

Correct the under pronation

Underpronation is not a major disorder as one may think as it can be corrected easily by choosing the right pair of shoes. However, ignoring this condition for a long time may result in severe damages to the feet. Hence one has to take some steps to correct the under pronation which depends on the severity and cause of the defect. When this condition happens due to an external condition, it can be easily corrected. On the other hand, if the underpronation is the result of some internal deformities, it will be harder to correct unless by surgery.

When it comes to foot care, there should not be any compromise as our foot plays a major role in carrying the whole weight of our body throughout our life. Hence foot care is mandatory for everyone irrespective of our age.

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