A Perfect Beginner’s Guide For Growing Marijuana Indoors

growing manjuraPeople grow marijuana indoors due to the unavailability of space. Growing cannabis indoors is not easy and it comes with several challenges. Beginners find it difficult to grow marijuana in a controlled environment. Budget is an important matter of concern. It is important to know about certain basic requirements when growing marijuana indoors. Make sure to buy marijuana seeds legal when you start with growing marijuana indoors. You can find a full list here on the various steps to grow marijuana indoors.

Set Up A Cannabis Grow Space
Firstly one has to allocate a grow space for growing cannabis plants. It is not mandatory that you must start with a grow room. You can initially invest in a simple grow tent or even use a spare room for this purpose. It is highly recommended to start with a few plants and then increase it as you gain experience. When deciding the grow space think about future requirements. Thus choose a larger grow space so that it can accommodate extra plants in the future.

Install Grow Lights
Lighting is an important requirement for growing cannabis plants indoors. Grow affects marijuana yields to a great extent. There are several types of grow light available in the market. It is important to choose the right type of grow light based on the grow space. Some of the common types of grow lights used are HID lights, Fluorescent grow lights, sodium grow lights and LED grow lights.

Provide Enough Ventilation
Cannabis or marijuana plants require fresh air for their growth. Thus make sure that you provide proper ventilation to the grow space. Installing exhaust fans is a good idea.

Purchase Temperature Control Equipments
It is necessary that you invest in high-quality temperature control equipment. This is because marijuana plants require control temperatures. The indoor temperature must be monitored and controlled based on the requirement of the cannabis plant.

Choose the Right Grow Medium
Choosing the right grow medium is an important step in growing marijuana indoors. Soil is the preferred choice for beginners. A pre-fertilized soil with no artificial fertilizers would work wonders for first-time cannabis growers. People also go for hydroponic media for growing cannabis. It is nothing but growing plants in a concentrated solution which is rich in nutrients. Other growing medium which is common among cannabis growers are coco coir, rock wool, perlite and vermiculite.

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