A Gentle Cesarean Childbirth Plan, How To?

The birth of an infant need not go as per plan. At the last moment, a change might be needed that derails the plan from a vaginal birth to a C-section. It is for this reason, to plan for those unplanned moments, that every expecting parent should make a birth plan for both normal and cesarean deliveries. Writing a cesarean birth plan is widely different than that of traditional birth. Before diving into the plan, itself, we will explain what is a gentle cesarean birth plan. A gentle cesarean birth is one where we create a calm, serene and peaceful environment which is centered on including the family or loved ones in the birth.

Www.parenting.com/ states that though a very recent technique it is gaining traction and hospitals are still learning to incorporate it into their regime. Parents-to-be need to be educated about it because gentle cesarean is a relatively new birth plan. They need to know that they have choices even when it comes to C-Section deliveries. Different hospitals allow different things. Some care providers might agree to all the parts of a gentle cesarean birth plan while some may reject all. Before you make the final plan, question your OB/GYN or hospital. Put forward all the choices and then use the ones they agree to customize your own experience.

These days childbirth classes also educate mothers-to-be and their support partner about the entire procedure of a cesarean birth. There are C-Section specific classes to educate the parents. They detail the things the birthing mother should expect and if there are any options available to them. They also provide information about labor that might occur before the cesarean birth is scheduled and how to handle it. Attending a childbirth class before you make a gentle cesarean birth plan is therefore advised.

When it comes to writing the gentle C-section birth plan, break down the structure to broad categories. This will help you create a more comprehensive plan. These groupings can be – pre-birth, i.e., pain relief, during birth, postpartum recovery, and baby care. Ask yourself some vital question before you begin to fill in these categories. These queries can include:
1. Which pain relief you want to opt for an epidural or IV?
2. Do you need a support partner during the cesarean birth?
3. Will it lower anxiety if you have been introduced to all people present in the OR beforehand?
4. Think about the environment you want while the cesarean birth takes place. Should be soothing music or absolute quiet?
Some other questions one should ponder are the routine of the infant after birth, where should the few moments of the baby be spent and if you want to be in hands-on in the delivery.

Creating a gentle cesarean birth plan is not the final step. It has to be approved by the doctor and hospital. After it has been written down, bring it along to your next appointment. Discuss it with the care provider or obstetrician and review the things that viable and those that are not.

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