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Here’s What No One Told You About Stairlifts

Disabled people and the elderly often wish for the freedom to move on their own without being a burden on others. People who have reduced mobility due to injury or old age find it difficult to perform simple tasks like climbing the stairs or picking up their belongings. To help them maintain a high degree of freedom, shops sell stairlifts in Los Angeles. For the different types of stairlifts and their prices, you can go through and learn more about the elderly care.

What Is A Stairlift?
This is a useful gadget that helps disabled, and seniors use the stairs inside their home. It makes things easier for other members as they do not have to engage themselves in the arduous task of helping them climb the stairs.

A stairlift is designed to look like a chair, and it is fitted with the rail that runs along the entire length of the stairs.

Working Of A Stairlift
A stair lift is driven by a motor fitted at the base of the chair and is triggered by a battery. This motor is responsible for switching on gear that is located on a strip on the railing. When the gear moves, it causes movement of the chair along the rail. Any changes made to the gear is reflected in the chair that moves accordingly.

Few versions have a rack system. Here, the chair is fitted to a pinion that has a set of “teeth” for fine grip. Most of the models are battery-driven, while others are DC or AC powered. In a DC stair lift, they can work even when there is a power failure.

Capacity Of The Stair Lift
Most of the stair lifts have the ability to carry weights of 120 kg or even more. It requires plenty of time and money to get the device fitted on the stairs, but they are economical if you look at other assisted living expenses.

Components Of Stair Lift
Each manufacturer and brand name has a different design and style for the stair lifts. However, their functionality and basic components remain the same.

A Track Along The Stair- It provides support to the chair and offers a technique to propel the seat. The track is similar to the one used to carry a train, and it runs up and down the entire length of the stair.

Overruns- Most of the stair lifts have a feature of an overrun located at the top of the track, bottom, or both. It is used to keep the rider away from the staircase and helps them dismount from the stair lift in a convenient place.

Power Supply- You can find battery-operated stair lifts with the power supply to charge the battery or supply power to the unit if a battery does not run it. In this case, the stair lift requires power from an external source.
Controls- At each end of the stairlift track, you can find controls to call the chair or send them back when they are not required.

Battery Charger- If a battery drives the stair lift, there should be some sort of charger to keep the battery fully charged. These are usually found close to the track or on either end. It works without any manual intervention by the user.

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