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The Best Methods for Growing Kratom

kratom plant

Growing Kratom requires good weather conditions typically as same as its origin place.
Also it requires well fertilized soil with correct moisture conditions. This is the reason why many growers are hesitating to grow Kratom plants but there are so many alternative methods where Kratom plants can grow very well. Please check our next page for more interesting ideas how to grow Kratom plants Also you require fresh Kratom seeds to grow successfully but if you are staying outside of their origin place, the travelling time to reach your place also affects the seeds growing capacities.

We are growing this seeds for many years now and we have a very good success percentage compared to other growing places. Based on our vast experience, we have listed the points to be noted while growing Kratom plants.
Fertilized Soil
Selecting the correct soil is one of the important things to remember. The soil should be well fertilized and good draining capacities. We have discovered that the Kratom plants need more water but you should know the limit as well. If you are pouring more water than the required quantity then the plants will get affected by fungus and bugs. Please ensure that at initial stage the soil should be wet with good drainage system, once the seed sprouts, it is quite easy to maintain.
Fresh Seeds
The most important part is to select the correct seeds for getting the best results. The fresh seeds are the best option to select. You have to find out the best sellers to select the fresh seeds because they will have fresh seeds due to high demand. It is advisable to buy the fresh seeds online.
Climatic conditions
Our initial tests revealed that direct sunlight is bad for the plants at initial stage of growing. Once the seeds sprout, the young plant has to be covered without being affected by cold. You have to continuously monitor the weather conditions anything less than 60 degree Fahrenheit will immediately affect the plant. Once the young plant crosses its initial stage, it will be strong enough to meet the extreme weather conditions.

Duplicate Kratom Seeds
There are different types of duplicate seeds available in the market. It is advisable to check the user reviews before buying any seeds online. It is better to choose the best reputed sellers than small vendors. The duplicate seeds will not sprout even if you have followed all the basic rules of growing plants.

Alternative to Seed method
The best method to grow the Kratom plant is to go for root cloning methods. There are very limited sellers available online who sell the best rooted clones. The success rate is good in this method of plant growing compared to seed growing method. Please note that if the cloning is not done properly the plant will get infections.

Time to Harvest
The time of harvest is very important for cultivation if your tree is fully grown. The normal full growing period is one year for Kratom trees. Lots of leaves will fall during this period.

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